Fed Up of Never Being Able to Find Anything When You Unpack?

Tips from a Moving & Storage Company on Packing Effectively

The first step is to pack sensibly by gathering all the tools which you will require. Begin with boxes. Use the same sized boxes, as these will stack neatly on top of each other. Begin with a few big boxes, double that with medium sized ones as these can be stacked on top of the bigger boxes and add some smaller boxes.

Most moving & storage supply companies will sell boxes that are especially made just for this purpose. Make sure to get sturdy and durable boxes that are strong enough to hold up through several moves, this will make your investment pay for itself in the long run. You should also save any electronic boxes and any packaging materials, which will allow you to pack your electronics in boxes that are designed especially for them, thus avoiding any potential damage when moving.

Smaller boxes are very useful for heavier items, so make sure you don’t overload boxes because it will be impossible to safely move them. Obtain more smaller boxes than you actually need, as houses will always have more items than people think. You should also have packing tape, bubble wrap or paper to protect the more delicate items, and labelling pens. Most people find it easier to color code, using different colors for each room, this makes finding things easier when you get to your new home. Make sure to strap boxes securely using the tape, as you do not want them coming undone when you are moving.

Packing room by room is the best way to move. By doing so, you can be sure that all of the belongings are kept together from each room. As you work your way from one room to another, throw away any items you no longer use. Never pack with the idea of going through the boxes when you reach your new home, this makes no sense. Make a pile for recycling, donation or garbage. While filling the boxes, make the space within the box is used properly and the boxes are padded with paper, which will prevent anything from getting damaged.

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